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Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


1       Introduction       

(i)        These Regulations shall be called the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Regulations, 2013 and shall come into force with immediate effect.

(ii)       A Degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall be awarded on a thesis submitted to the BhatkhandeMusicInstituteDeemedUniversity, Lucknow and strictly in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations contained hereinafter.

(iii)      These Regulations shall be applicable to the Indian scholars as well as to the affiliation of foreign and non-resident Indian scholars.

(iv)     The number of scholars admitted to the Ph.D programme shall be as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission.


2       Eligibility for Registration

(i)        A candidate shall be eligible for registration as Research Scholar for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the Institute, if he passes the entrance test organised by the deemed university and if he/she has passed one of the following Examinations with at least 55% marks.

(ii)       M.P.A (Vocal/Instrumental/Dance) from the Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University Lucknow or an equivalent Post Graduate Degree in Music recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

(iii)      M.Mus (Vocal/Instrumental/Dance) from the Bhatkhande Music Institute or an equivalent Examination in music from any recognised deemed university.

(iv)     M.A./M.Phil. in Music from any recognised deemed university.

(v)      Master’s degree in any other subject from any recognised deemed university with at least 55% marks and passed one of the following examinations or their equivalent examination or recognised by the Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University, with at least 55% marks :-

(a)      Parangat of Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University, Lucknow.

(b)      Sangeet Alankar of Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai.

(c)       Sangeet Nipun of Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapith, Lucknow.

(d)      Sangeet Kovid of Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh.

(e)      Sangeet Nishnat of Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan.

(vi)     For candidate belonging to castes other than general category, the reservation and other concessions will be as per the guidelines laid down by the government of U.P. and the University Grants Commission (UGC).

(vii)    All postgraduate degrees must be as per the UGC Guidelines.

(viii)   A candidate having qualified NET or JRF in music or those working in Research projects directly pertaining to music funded by the Government or organizations recognized by Central or State Governments like UGC, ICSSR. and having Masters degree atleast with 55% marks in any subject from a recognised university.


3       Procedure for Registration

The Registration shall be in accordance with the following procedure viz.

  1. Admission in Ph.D. programmes will be only on regular basis.
  2. Registration of Ph.D. will be done only in the same faculty from which the student has passed the P.G. degree/eligibility examination.
  3. Last date of receipt of application form, details of entrance test and interview for Ph.D. registration will be declared by the DeemedUniversity every year. Applications to be submitted ordinarily in August/September every year.
  4. The allocation of the supervisor for a selected student shall be decided by the Department depending on the number of students per faculty member, the available specialization among the faculty supervisors, and the research interest of the student as indicated during interview by the student. The allotment/allocation of supervisor shall not be left to the individual student or teacher.
  5. The subject of research shall comply with the faculties of the deemed university.
  6. Attested copies of the mark sheets/grade sheets of Master Degree or Diploma/M.Phil Degree and migration certificate, should be enclosed with the application. The immigration certificate should be furnished within a maximum period of six months from the date of submission of application.
  7. All the candidates except those who qualify UGC/CSIR (JRF)/NET examination/SLET/GATE/teacher fellowship holder and eligible candidates will have to appear for an interview organized by the deemed university in which they are expected to discuss their research interest and area. Besides they shall also be required to give performance in their particular discipline at the time of Interview. Other candidates not belonging to any of the above categories will have to appear for a written test organised by the Deemed university.
  8. Employed candidates should submit the application with no objection certificate from the employer.


4       Research and Recognition Committee

The constitution  of the Research and Recognition Committee for purposes of admission to the Ph.D. programme will be as under :-

a.        The Vice-Chancellor                    –              Chair person

b.        The Dean/HOD of                                        –              Member

Concerned faculty

c.         Subject Expert/Field Expert                    –              Member

appointed by the Vice-chancellor

d.        Research Co-ordinator                              –              Member

e.        Technical Subject Referee                       –              Member


In the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of the concerned faculty shall be the chairperson of the meeting. In such a case one more teacher will be invited by the Dean as the member of the Committee. If however The Dean is not available, the Vice Chancellor may invite any teacher from the faculty as the member.


5.     Procedure after admission

(a)      After having been admitted, each candidate shall be required to undertake course work for a minimum period of one semester (six months). The course work shall be treated as pre-Ph.D. preparation and must include a course on research methodology which may include quantitative methods and computer applications. It may also involve review of published research in the relevant field. After completion of one semester, the candidate is required to give a presentation on his/her research topic before the Research and Recognition Committee and the committee will decide the eligibility of the candidate for pursuing the Ph.D programme.

(b)      If a candidate is disqualified in the Pre-Ph.D. course, he/she shall be given one more chance of six months to qualify and pass the said course failing which no further opportunity will be given.

6       Progress Report

A candidate registered for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall mandatorily submit to the deemed university a six monthly progress Report on the work done during the said period on a prescribed format, through his/her Supervisor which shall be placed before the Research and Recognition Committee for consideration. If the said Committee at any stage, is not satisfied with the progress of the scholar, the Vice-Chancellor may, on the recommendation of the said Committee, recommend the removal of the name of such research scholar from the Rolls of Register of Research Scholars enrolled for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The recommendation so made shall be placed before the next meeting of the Academic Council which will report its recommendation, in turn, to the Board of Management for a decision in the matter.



7     Minimum Period of Research

The candidate is expected to complete the research work in a period of two years from the date of registration of the topic of research. In no case, the thesis shall be submitted before two years.


8      Extension of Period of Research

a.        The candidate shall apply for extension for one more year after completion of two years from the date of registration of the topic of research. The candidate shall complete his/her thesis within a period of three years from the date of registration of the topic. The Academic Council may extend the period for another two years on the recommendations of the Supervisor and Dean/HOD concerned.

b.        The application in this regard shall be submitted by the researcher with requisite fee.

c.         The extension shall be given only for six months at a time. Under special circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor may extend two terms together at a time.

d.        The total period thus for the completion of the research work will be five years. In no case, a candidate shall be allowed to submit the thesis after expiry of five years from the date of registration of the topic of research. After the expiry of the aforesaid period, the registration of the candidate shall be deemed to be cancelled.


9      Language of Thesis

Thesis shall be written only in English or Hindi.


10    Thesis nearing completion

The candidate shall inform the concerned Head/Dean through the Supervisor for conducting the Pre-Ph.D.presentation at least six months prior to the submission of thesis.


11    Pre-submission Requirements

1.        Prior to submission of the thesis, the candidate shall make a Pre-Ph.D. Presentation in the department that may be open to all faculty members and research students for getting feedback and comments which must be incorporated into the draft thesis under the advice of the supervisor.

2.        The Ph.D. candidate shall publish one research paper in a referred journal before the submission of the thesis for adjudication, and produce evidence of the same in the form of letters of acceptance or the reprint.


12    Submission of thesis

No thesis shall be accepted for examination unless :

1.        It is submitted within the period prescribed for pursuance of research by this Regulation.

2.        The thesis shall be printed on both sides (A-4 size papers).

3.        The candidate shall submit five copies of the thesis, along with two soft copies of the thesis and four copies of summary, out of which one copy of the thesis will be sent to the UGC.

4.        The candidate shall mention in the preface of his/her thesis, specifically in footnotes, the source of information, extent to which he himself has availed the works of others and the portion of the thesis which he claims as original.

5.        It is accompanied by a certificate from the Supervisor.

6.        The candidate shall give one copy of the thesis to the supervisor. No copy of the thesis, submitted to the deemed university, will be returned either to the researcher or the supervisor.

7.        The candidate may also submit subsidiary matter in support of his/her thesis relating to any contribution to the advancement of study of the subject of the thesis which he/ she may have previously published independently or conjointly.

8.        Researcher shall submit “No-dues” certificate from the deemed university library, fee section and hostel etc.

13    Declaration

1.        While submitting the thesis for examination the candidate shall submit a signed declaration.

2.        The certificate of the Supervisor shall be forwarded by the Dean/HOD of the Faculty/Department concerned. If the Dean is not available, the senior most teacher/Head of the Department may forward the certificate of the Supervisor.




14    Appointment of Examiners

1.        A panel of the examiners (at least six names of the experts) shall be submitted by the Dean of the Faculty after consulting the Head of the Department. If necessary, the Supervisor can be consulted for the names of the examiners. The Vice Chancellor may include names of some more examiners in the panel of examiners, if needed. In the absence of Dean, the Vice-Chancellor may consult the Head of the Department concerned for the names of the examiners.

2.        The thesis shall be referred to two examiners from the panel appointed by the Vice Chancellor for evaluation out of which at least one shall be from outside the State of Uttar Pradesh.

15    Evaluation of Thesis

1.        The favourable reports of both examiners are mandatory.

2.        If any examiner does not send the report within a period of six months from the date of receipt of the thesis, the Vice Chancellor may appoint a new examiner from the panel.

3.        In case one of the examiners rejects the thesis, it shall be referred to the third examiner whose decision shall be final. The third examiner shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor from the said panel of six names.

4.        If reports of both the examiners are negative, the reports shall be placed before the Academic Council for it’s recommendations and the Board of Management shall take the final decision.


16    Viva Voce

1.        On receipt of satisfactory evaluation reports, the candidate shall undergo a Viva-Voce examination which shall be conducted by an examiner of the thesis.

2.        If both examiners are unable to conduct the Viva-Voce test, the Vice Chancellor shall appoint any other subject expert to conduct the Viva-Voce examination.

3.        The Viva Voce examination shall be conducted by a Committee appointed for the purpose by the Vice Chancellor subject to the condition that the supervisor shall be the internal examiner and at least one of the examiners of the thesis shall be mandatorily a member of the committee.

4.        If the Supervisor is not available for Viva Voce examination, the Vice Chancellor shall appoint any other subject expert to conduct the examination.

5.        If a candidate fails in Viva-Voce test, he/she shall be given another opportunity to appear. If the candidate fails at the second Viva-Voce test, the thesis shall be rejected.

6.        The Viva voce examination shall be held only after the consent of the examiner on a specific date and time. If the examiner is present in the Viva-Voce examination and the research scholar is absent in examination, the candidate shall bear all the expenses relating to the next viva voce examination. The candidate shall have also to state the reasons in writing for not appearing in the viva voce examination.


17    Report of Examiners

1.        After the Viva Voce test, the report of the examiners and the result of the Viva Voce test shall be placed before the Academic Council which shall follow the procedure provided hereinafter.


18    Academic Council

1.        The report of the examiners on the Thesis of the Research Scholar alongwith the report on the viva-voce test shall be placed before the Academic Council.

2.        The Academic Council shall thereupon discuss the matter and shall take decision on the recommendation which shall be conveyed to the Board of Management vis-à-vis the thesis of the Research Scholar.

3.        If the Academic Council considers that the thesis is fit or unfit to be approved for the Degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) of the Deemed University, it shall report its recommendations to the Board of Management accordingly; as the case may be.

4.        If the Academic Council considers that further clarifications on the thesis are required to be done by the Research Scholar, it shall be obligatory on part of the Research Scholar to appear before the Academic Council for the said purpose on the date, time and place fixed by the Academic Council or on such extended date as may be mutually convenient.

If the Research Scholar fails to appear before the Academic Council in the form and manner aforesaid, his thesis shall be rejected for non-compliance of this provision.

5.        The Academic Council shall be empowered to take all such decisions that it may deem fit and proper on the thesis of the Research Scholar; keeping in view the maintenance of standards of education in the deemed university.


19    Revision of thesis

1.        On the recommendations of any one or both the examiners, the deemed university may permit the candidate to resubmit the thesis in a revised form within a period of not more than six months from the date of receipt of communication from the examiners.

2.        No candidate shall be permitted to submit the thesis in a revised form more than once.


20    Fee

1.        The candidate shall deposit the fee as under :-

(i)        Cost of Application Form                                                      –              ₹  600/-

(ii)       Fee payable with the Application                                      –              ₹  500/-

(iii)      Fee payable for Registration                                                               –              ₹ 2500/-

(iv)     Fee payable Half Yearly after Registration                     –              ₹ 1000/-

(v)      Fee payable for the Examination of Thesis                   –              ₹ 4000/-

(vi)     Caution money                                                                         –              ₹  500/-

(vii)    Library                                                                                          –              ₹ 1000/-

(viii)   Temporary Library membership fee per week            –              ₹  150/-

or part there of

(ix)     (a) Identity Card                                                                       –              ₹   20/-

(b) duplicate identity card                                                    –              ₹   50/-

(x)      Development charges                                                           –              ₹  200/-

(xi)     Late fees for every six month                                             –              ₹  200/-

(xii)    Enrolment form                                                                                        –              ₹   10/-

(xiii)   Fee payable for Pre-Ph.D. course work                          –              ₹   1000/-


21    Publication of the thesis

1.        The Research Scholar has to obtain written permission of the deemed university for publication of the thesis. If a thesis, on which the deemed university has conferred the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, is published by or on behalf of the researcher, or any other person or agency, as the case be shall prominently state that the thesis was accepted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University, Lucknow.

2.        The Research Scholar shall submit two copies of the published thesis to the deemed university.


22    Eligibility of Supervisor

1.        Assistant Professor/Lecturer with Ph.D. Degree along with minimum five years of deemed university teaching experience.

2.        Associate Professor/Reader with Ph.D. Degree.

3.        All Professors.

4.        An outstanding artiste with adequate research experience supported by the published Research papers or books, subject to approval of the Research Committee.

5.        A person who is already registered for Ph.D. degree either in the Institute or in any other deemed university shall not be eligible for appointment as supervisor.

6.       Only the faculty member of Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University, Lucknow will be eligible to become supervisor. In exceptional case, the Research and Recognition Committee may recommend a supervisor/joint supervisor from universities other then Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University, Lucknow.


23    Maximum number of Research Scholars under a Supervisor

The maximum number of research scholars who can work under any supervisor /joint supervisor will be as per the UGC norms.




24    Foreign and non-resident Indian scholars

1.        The deemed university may allow foreign and non resident Indian scholars who may be visiting India as casual research scholars in connection with their doctoral, post doctoral or other research projects.

The deemed university may allow foreign and non-resident students desirous of registering as research scholars in the deemed university for their doctoral or post doctoral projects.

2.        The students opting for 3 months stay can extend for another three months from the date of obtaining first permission by paying balance fees provided she/he applies for the extension 20 days before the expiry of the earliest term.

3.        The fees for foreign students will be decided by the deemed university from time to time.


25    Withdrawal of the Degree

If at anytime after the Ph.D. Degree has been awarded to the research scholar, it is discovered that there has been a material irregularity in the award of the said Degree, the deemed university shall withdraw the said Degree forthwith and shall communicate the said decision to the research scholar.

Explanation :

                  “Material Irregularity” will constitute obtaining the degree by practising fraud, plagiarism or any other malpractice.


26       Miscellaneous

Canvassing in any form, at any stage, by a research scholar in pursuance of his thesis shall render his thesis/research to be cancelled immediately by the Deemed University.


27     Repeal

The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Regulations, 2007 are hereby  repealed.