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Other Facilities

  • 1. Canteen

    There is a canteen located in the university premises for the convenience of students and staff.

  • 2. Grievance Redressal And Anti Ragging Cell

    A grievance redressal and anti ragging cell has been set up whose members are Mr. Vijay Krishna (Legal Advisor), Dr. Meera Dikshit (Faculty, BMIDU) and Sri Girdhar Mishra (Staff, BMIDU).

    The students may approach Dr. Meera Dikshit for redressal of their grievances related to management of the University.

  • 3. Lecture Demonstration Room: Sujan Sabhagar

    The Lecture Demonstration room caters to Seminars, Conferences, Competitions and Workshops conducted from time to time as per the university’s academic calendar.

  • 4. Recording Studio

    The Recording Studio maintains the record of lecture demonstrations, Seminars and Conferences conducted in the university.